Wookey Hole, Mendip

6th December 2018: With Duncan, Jonathon, Nick, Tav and Alex

The trip through Chamber 20 didn’t appear to be much wetter than last week, in spite of the recent rain. At the sand dig, the water level had risen c.150-200mm and was encroaching into the alcove. Everything at the bottom of the dig was slippery, the self-digging hadn’t occurred, and the large, precarious slab of rack was still overhead. After some protracted discussion, it was decided that the rock needs to be dealt with before digging can continue [relatively] safely, some chemical persuasion is required, it will be done!

Tav suggested that we might re-locate the retaining wall and so create extra spoil dumping space, this seemed a good idea so, that’s what we did for the evening.

I had a less than comfortable trip out of the cave, the sole of my boot had decided to become detached and go solo, one moccasin is not great for caving – or one socked foot either!

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