Wookey Hole, Mendip

29th November 2018: Last weeks digging session was abandoned for the pub when only three of us turned up at Wookey Hole.

Better turn-out this week, with Nick, Tav, Jonathon, Duncan, Mike and, course yours truly, all keen and raring to go, unfortunately Roz got left behind and wasn’t happy about it!

After some persistent wet weather recently, we weren’t all that hopeful about this evening’s prospects but, we headed off anyway. The cave was active, the sound and sight of dripping, running water all the way up through Chamber 20. At the sand dig, the anticipated puddle of water but, rather surprisingly, not as deep as expected.

The excavation had become self-digging as more had slumped from the roof to reveal a space overhead, which was encouraging, and potential lead(s). Some digging was possible but continual slumping and a large, suspect slab overhead soon put an end to it. That was, until Nick decided to poke a bar into the bottom of a small pool of water that became a flow of water and a pile of sloppy sediment. After some more interventions, more slumps, and time running-out, we decided to leave it to settle down, perhaps continue to self-digging and return next week. hopefully, the water will continue to drain freely, and wet conditions will not impede further progress too much.

To the pub!

Author: mendipgeoarch

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