25th September 2018: with Snablet, Roz and Tav

An impromptu trip after
Snablet’s enquiry “are we doing anything tonight?” following up some beer
fuelled conversation we’d had on Saturday evening at the Hidden Earth
conference in Churchill.

We sort-of expected the
sand dig to be under water or, at least, wet following the heavy rain that fell
over the last weekend, it was neither, so we set to work. Snablet and Tav
rotated the digging and filling buckets, as one overheated the other took over,
Roz was taking the filled buckets and loading the skip, I was hauling the skip
up the slope and emptying the contents. It was a pleasant, evenly paced session
with plenty of banter.

After the digging session
the evening was rounded off with a trip to the Hunter’s. Snablet is returning
to New Zealand on Thursday. A fine time was had by all.