April 2018:
with Nick, Duncan, Brockers, Jonathon,
Mike, Claire Cohen and Ray Deasy.

A good team assembled for this
evening’s foray. As there were plenty of people to carry-on with the dig down
the rift, I decided to go along and check the current state of the Sand Dig,
Nick came along too. We’ve had a spell of drier weather recently, and surface
temperatures are rising. It had been noticeable on the trip through Chamber 20
that water flows had decreased, it was not a surprise to find that the Sand Dig
was now, dry. There had been quite a slump of sediment into the end of the dig,
as we were there, Nick and I started to clear-out some of the rocks. A skip and
hauling rope will need to be organised ready for the digging activities to
resume next week.

It was soon time to re-join
the rest of the team, they had continued clearing the spoil from the fissure leading-off
the rift. When they had emptied the last few bags and climbed the slope, we exited
the cave.