12th April: with Tav, Jonathon,
Brockers and Duncan.

Five go digging! I
couldn’t make the trip last week, but others did and had cleared some of the
bang debris, the flake had been successfully fragmented. This
evening, we continued to clear the accumulation of spoil from the slowly
expanding alcove/rift. The digging is the easy bit, the removal of spoil along
the rift is awkward and quite technical, five people is the minimum number required
to make digging effective. The spoil mostly comprises gravel and cobbles of
conglomerate and limestone with the occasional boulder, these were soon reduced
to a more manageable size with the small sledge-hammer. At the end of the
session, I could stand-up in the rift and turn-around. There remains, plenty of
spoil for another digging session, maybe we will be able to make a better assessment
of the prospects then.

Some drier, warm weather is
forecast, we might consider going to have a look at the sand dig soon.