Wookey Hole, Mendip

27th August 2016: with Duncan Price, Rick Stanton and Karen Dealy.

Trip to assist Duncan who was going to dive the sump at the end of the dig [not quite] to Wookey 24.

I hadn’t seen the passage beyond the inclined bedding as this had been opened while I was recovering from surgery on elbow. It is very Eastwater like, reminds of the West End but with a liberal coating of mud ending in a deep clear pool of water.

Duncan kitted up while balancing on some precariously wedged boulders and was soon in the water. Rick had come down to the sump while Karen waited at the top of Wookey 20, when DP had gone Rick went back up to join Karen. I waited for DP who wasn’t too long. De-briefed and de-kitted, it was time for us to head out, then you realise how steep the climb back up is and just how slippery, it is not a journey that can be rushed and slow progress was made. Then there is still the climb back up the rift I was glad when I had reached the top of Wookey 20.

There is still more to do in the sump but fresh bottles are required.

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