Wookey Hole, Mendip

17th November 2016: with Jake.

With hindsight, perhaps it shouldn’t have come with too much of a surprise to find the dig under a considerable depth of water. We didn’t really think there had been that much rain lately, but we knew that this area had flooded before.

There had been plenty of signs along the way to the dig, where there were drips before now was a trickle, it was noisier, the cascade was once again rippling with the flow of water, and a pool of water with a stream had appeared in the chamber just before the dig, the result of an overflow of water from a tiny flooded side passage.

As I approached the dig I could see the water, it’s probably 1.5m deep and there’s a small stream flowing in being fed, we suspect, by the tiny overflowing side passage previously mentioned.

We collected the tools together and stashed them up in the higher chamber. We will return when it dries up sometime in the future. Meanwhile we will have to find somewhere drier to dig!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, geologist, speleologist.