Wookey Hole, Mendip

3rd November 2016: with Jake, Tav and Nick. Duncan P. went to DW to check his dig there.

The ‘top of 20’ team had another warm trip up to the dig. Tav and Nick began the proceedings, Jake and Vince hauling and dumping the spoil. When Tav and Nick overheated we swapped roles.

It’s a big hole filled with silt and sand and it isn’t clear why there are no rocks as there are plenty on the approach and on both sides, perhaps they are lower down. There is some interesting banding ranging through yellow and red with alternating thinner bands of yellow and brown, probably signifying past flooding/filling events.

When we were all suitably warmed and thirsty we exited the cave and finished the evening at the usual local hostelry to discuss the dig and other plans ahead.

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