Ogof Draenen

12th September 2015

With Pete Bolt and Phil Thomas

Down the main streamway to Riflemans Choke. Fairly steady trip down the fine streamway to the choke, a quick snack before the rather aqueous crawl at stream level to the dig started by Pete, Rich Blake and myself a number of years ago. It’s still an awkward scrambe from the stream up a muddy climb to gain access via a squeeze to a narrow passage between the choke and wall. We had a look around, shifted a few rocks and mud, formulated a [sort of] plan of action – return with more persuasive kit! Then decided to make our way out of the cave. An enjoyable 4.75 hours of caving.

Lamb & Fox for some refreshments and managed to catch up with Brian and Carol, our old hosts from years past.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, geologist, speleologist.