6th May 2012

Pleasant day so decided to take the opportunity for a scramble with the dog to look at some of the small caves that are found high up in Ebbor Gorge, Mendip Hills.

Outlook Cave (above ) MNRC dug at this site early 1900’s and found human and animal remains dated Neolithic and later.

Eagle’s Nest (?) and hot dog, Buster. My hand-held GPS gave bearing co-ordinates of 5247/4862 although there was plenty of tree cover to affect the signal, Barrington and Stanton in Complete Caves, 1977 give NGR 5246/4859 for Eagle’s Nest.

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Interesting spot – potential ? Best not give the bearing co-ordinates for this spot or the one below.

Another interesting little spot. Unfortunately digging is frowned upon in Ebbor, for most people anyway.

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