Wookey Hole, Mendip

1st December: with Tav and Nick.

The plan was to go up and check the water level in the dig at the top of Chamber 20 and then to search for Rob Harper’s passage.

The dig is still flooded, although the water has been much deeper it is at the level noted by Jake and myself a fortnight ago. There is not any sign of water flowing in so it may be receding slowly. There has been some slumping of material into the dig.

We went then, in search of Rob’s passage and after some rummaging around looking at, other potential leads we located the passage. A low, wide phreatic arch requiring some flat out crawling through puddles, strewn with boulders, plenty of calcification and some small formations, about 20m in length. We need to see a survey to see where it’s heading and then decide if it is a viable dig. A pleasant evenings stroll around though!