28th April 2016: I’m out of action for a while following some surgery on a dodgy elbow. However, the quest off Chamber 20 continues and thanks go to Nick Hawkes for penning the latest instalment, as follows:

Duncan, Brockers, Sam, Nick and Gavin(Newman)

7pm start, with a trophy tourist / filmaker, Gavin who occupied himself trying to recreate photo scenes fom the past, identifying the precise locations from where the old shots had been captured.

Fortunately the rest of us had better things to do and quickly headed straight to the end. With the way remaining clear after last weeks efforts we all slid down through. Sam took up the task of heading forwards at the very base of the rift while the rest of us further cleaned out the ‘slut’ above. After a full session digging the muddy slut was much bigger with steps carved for ease of exit, meanwhile Sam had headed on headfirst to a slightly bigger area with a boulder blocking the way on….a long inclined rift was visible. Nick gave assistance and the boulder was removed. Sam was duly despatched to investigate the rift. He quickly reached a point near the end, perhaps 15 to 20m on, where the gently inclined rift turns sharply to a vertical inclined rift. Nick then came to look on beyond and it was quickly agreed that it was time for the pub and not wise to try and progress any more as it looked bloody tight.

It was significantly more knackering coming out than going in and it didnt help that Gavin was gleefully waiting to film and question us as we emerged from the dig….