8th November 2018: with Alex, Mike, Jonathon
and Roz

It’s been raining
recently and all the way up through Chamber 20 the results of this were clear;
the drips were stronger, pools were filling-up and water was flowing down the
calcite cascade. However, on arrival at the sand dig, we were pleasantly
surprised to find it bone dry and no signs of water having flowed into it, this
despite the small tube being full and overflowing.

Alex climbed down into
the pit and began digging in the alcove, I was moving the filled buckets and
passing them up to Mike, who then placed the filled buckets into the skip,
hauled by Jonathon, Roz was in control of spoil dispersal. The empty buckets
were returned, the process repeated, many times.
reaches for the mattock

In between moving buckets,
I spent a little bit of time tidying-up a section of the sediment bank where
evidence of flooding and subsequent draining events is clear. It really needs
more time spent on it and a full section cleaned and recorded.
of sediment sequence c.100mm

All too soon it was
time to move the tools to higher ground, just in case, and depart the cave.